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You Asked, We Answered

Which measurements You need to make my size?

The measurements I will need:
1. Full height
2. Length from neck to tip of shoulder
3. Shoulder tip width
4. Chest girth (at widest)
9. Length at the back (from the bottom of the shirt collar to the bottom of cassock)
10. Neck girth in the shirt (collar line)
11. Sleeve length (from shoulder tip to cuff edge, arm should be bent at the elbow)
13. Waist circumference (at widest)

Please, wear your shirt and shoes before the measurements.

Which fabric is the best for the cassock?

Most often we sew cassocks from: gabardine, linen-gabardine and wet silk. For the hot season, the best option is linen-gabardine. This fabric is similar in its qualities to natural linen but does not wrinkle at all. Gabardine is a more synthetic material, but it does not wrinkle and is suitable for those customers who use one undercoat all year round, regardless of the weather. Wet silk is a very expensive and beautiful material, but it is too hot for summer and more suitable for other seasons.

Which deivery service do you use?

We use two types of delivery - the standard national postal service, as well as UPS. Most often we ship goods to the US through the UPS standard (the delivery time is about 2 weeks). We send parcels to other countries via Ukrposhta (the delivery time is from 2-3 weeks, but it all depends on the destination country). We also have high-speed delivery in 3-5 working days (UPS Express).

What are the payment options?

You can pay for Your order via Paypal or choose the Manual type. The manual one is payment via Western Union direct money payment.

What is the time of sewing products?

Sewing time depends on our workload and the complexity of the product, the availability of embroidery, etc. The approximate sewing time of brocade products and products without embroidery is about 2-4 weeks, and embroidered products - 3-6 weeks.

Do You have products on the stock and what about wholesale orders?

Yes, we have goods in stock. You can clarify this before ordering. But more often we sew to order according to individual measurements.
And wholesales orders are welcome.

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