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Navy blue embroidered Priest Communion set - Stole and cuffs - Priest's set - Orthodox Communion stole - Epitrakhilion and cuffs


Set includes 3 items (stole and 2 cuffs).
This set is made in Ukraine.

Fabric: gabardine.

You can choose the color of fabric and embroidery.

The measurements I will need:
- total height of the priest


We have no items of stole and cuffs in stock.
Production time will take 2-4 weeks (depending on the workload).
Please allow about 2-4 weeks to complete your order.
I hope for your understanding.

Navy blue embroidered communion set - Stole and cuffs - Priest's set

  • Material: gabardine.

    Custommization: can be produced in any size and color.

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