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Original Vatopedi incense musk Greek Incense Sticks, Natural frankincense, Church olibanum, Spiritual Church Hygge atmosphere nice smell


Incense for church use.
Made in Greese.
Original Vatopedi incense.
Different smells.
Packed in packages of different weight. Minimum order 100g.
If You order 1 kg You'll get gift box showed on the first photo. If You order 100-900g You'll get incense in standard package.

Vatopedi incense has more than 19 types of smells, so everyone can choose their own incense according to their mood and preference.

Vatopedi incense is made according to old recipes in Vatopedi monastery on Mount Athos. For the manufacture of incense, rare wood resin is used (the name of the tree from the Latin Boswellia means Lebanese cedar), with the addition of coconut oil.

Greek Vatopedi incense is considered the standard among other types of incense.

Original Vatopedi incense musk Greek Incense Sticks, Natural frankincense Church

24,99$ Regular Price
22,49$Sale Price
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