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Protodeacon's sticharion - Deacon's embroidered alb - Orthodox Vestment - Deacon's set of vestments - Stikharion


We have no items of Deacon's vestments in stock.
Production time will take 4-6 weeks (depending on the workload).
Please allow about 4-6 weeks to complete your order.
I hope for your understanding.


This set is made in Ukraine from high-quality gabardine with machine embroidery.
The set is without lining. You can order the lining in addition.


The measurements I will need:
1. Full height
2. Length from neck to tip of shoulder
3. Shoulder tip width
4. Chest girth (at widest)
9. Length at the back (from the bottom of the shirt collar to the bottom of cassock)
10. Neck girth in the shirt (collar line)
11. Sleeve length (from shoulder tip to cuff edge, arm should be bent at the elbow)
13. Waist circumference (at widest)
Orarion: length and width
Please, wear your shirt, cassock and shoes before the measurements.

Please don't hesitate to send an email with your questions and feedback.

Protodeacon's sticharion - Deacon's embroidered alb - Orthodox Vestment stikhar

  • We use standard types of delivery by airmail (by Your local post delivery system) or UPS shipping. Please, pay attention that in holiday time and during COVID situation some delays with delivery may appear.

  • This item is a custom product. We produce it according to Your size, so we can't bring it back.
    Of course, if You get the wrong size You can always contact us in 14 days from getting the box. We'll be more than glad to help.

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